Does looking at the phone, looking at the computer spoil the eye?

We have always wondered whether the technology that we cannot give up in our daily lives has an effect on our eyes or not. In the past, our mothers and fathers would constantly warn us that looking at the computer too much would be harmful.

If we spent too much time in front of the computer or phone, they would get angry from time to time by constantly expressing that our eyes would deteriorate. So it became a subject that we always kept to ourselves and never found the time to research.

Maybe we have been afraid of this when we get up and can't completely get our work done on the computer or phone. I will investigate this issue in detail and I will include what the experts say.

Does looking at the computer, phone spoil the eye?

So far, I have not come across any negative phenomena in my research on this subject. It'll ruin it!" or a definite sentence like that. Experts have conducted research on these issues and stated that looking at the computer does not impair the eyes.

They say that any visual impairment in the eyes is caused by our genes. In other words, when we are born, there are signs that we will have visual impairment in the future. In fact, whether we will experience visual impairment or not is related to the genes in our body during childhood.

Does Looking at the Computer Damage the Eyes
Does Looking at the Computer Damage the Eyes

Whether you will have visual impairments such as myopia or hyperopia in the future is coded in your genes. For example, you have a gene that says you will be nearsighted at the age of 20. Until the age of 20, you use a computer. Before you know it, you are nearsighted.

It was already coded in your genes that you would be nearsighted, so you did not become nearsighted because you use a computer. As can be seen from this, using a computer or phone does not cause any visual impairment.

In fact, most visual impairments are caused by light in your eye not refracting exactly as it should. This is caused by your retina or lens.

Is Using Computer, Phone Harmful to Our Body?

Let's leave radiation aside for this topic. I will talk about that in detail another day. Using a computer or a phone can cause some harm to our body.

Excessive computer use can cause eye fatigue, herpes or redness around the eyes. Continuous use can also cause back and neck pain.

How to Sit at the Computer?
How to Sit at the Computer?

If you do not sit on a comfortable surface or as you should, problems such as slouching may occur in the future. Your wrists may ache during prolonged use.

Excessive use can cause headaches and back pain. Irregular use can disrupt your sleep patterns. Do not ignore using the computer by taking a break if you are very intensely interested in the computer.

Why Does Looking at a Computer Cause Red Eyes?

We are all aware that we open and close our eyes less than usual when looking at the computer or phone. Because you are doing any operation on the computer, you are paying attention to the screen. This causes the normal number of blinks to drop to 4/1.

Assuming that you normally blink 20 times a minute, this number drops to 5-6 when you sit at the computer. This puts your eyes in much more contact with oxygen and causes your tears to evaporate.

When the liquid that provides eye lubrication evaporates, your eyelids rub much more against your eyes as they open and close. This causes redness and blood collection in your eyes.

How can we minimize eye redness?

In order to minimize eye redness, you should ensure that you blink as many times on the computer as you blink in your normal life. Of course, you will not do this by counting.

Instead of counting, open and close your eyes frequently when you are at the computer. This way, your tears will not evaporate and your eyes will be in contact with much less oxygen. This will minimize eye redness.

How should the posture of the computer screen be adjusted?

Your head should be exactly at the level of the monitor. Your head should never be above or below the monitor. When your head is aligned, your eyes will automatically be aligned to the monitor.

The distance should be as far as you can see the text clearly. Look at the screen and choose the last distance that your eyes see clearly. If possible, you can use filters that do not irritate the eyes. These filters, called Nighshift, reduce light and prevent your eyes from getting tired by making white colors slightly yellowish.

You can also turn down the screen brightness to avoid eye strain.

Streamline your computer use. If you are busy with a lot of work, take a 15-minute break every half hour. Your eyes will be rested during this time.

Never look at the screen with your eyes close to the screen. You should adjust the brightness of the screen you use according to the morning and evening hours. Because your eyes get much more tired at night in the dark than during the day.


To summarize the issue in general; looking at the computer It does not spoil your eyes, but it makes them tired. It not only affects your eyes but can also cause pain in many parts of your body. Therefore, when using computers and phones, use them regularly and follow the rules.

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