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cPANEL Increase Max Upload Size and Post Size Values

One of the errors encountered in Wordpress is "Max Upload Size" problem. This means the maximum size of the file to be uploaded.

What is Wordpress Max Upload Size?

It is unquestionably one of the unfortunate events that most website administrators can definitely happen to. It is likely that you have searched for the answer many times but have not found it. You may not have understood because the narrators did not make very explanatory narratives.

What is the file limit? If we come to the question; The file limit is the size of the file size that you will upload (upload) to your server in any site editor must be of a certain size.

So data life engine, joomla, wordpress Website building software such as website building software has file upload limits as standard. For example, I give an example of a 2MB file limit. Try to upload the theme with a size of 25 mb to your server.

You absolutely cannot upload. You cannot upload files larger than 2MB to a server with a file limit of 2MB. But of course there is a way around that. If there wasn't, every second would be a hassle.

ROUTE 1: Transfer your files via FTP

In order to avoid file limits, you can upload your files of any size to your site with ftp programs. There are no file limits in uploading with ftp. You can access your FTP user information via Cpanel.

By logging into Cpanel "FTP Accounts" you can assign a password to the account and find out the required port. To connect to your FTP account Filezilla you should use utilities such as This way you will not have any "Max Upload Size" error will not appear. If you don't want to deal with ftp service, you can proceed to the following step.

ROUTE 2: Increase File Upload Limit

  • Enter Cpanel and click "Select PHP VersionClick on the text ".
  • When this page opens "Options" to enter the PHP settings.
  • When this screen comes up "Memory Limit" and "Post Max Size" value as high as you want. And that's it.
Post Max Size
Post Max Size

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