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Calling the Number That Blocked You is Simple

Did you know that there is a way to call the number that blocked you? We have been blocked many times in our daily lives.

When they block, they block from everywhere, ruthless unscrupulous. Today I'm going to show you a way you can eliminate this problem and search for the person who blocked you very easily. But I must say that this does not work for everyone. I'll explain why in a moment below. In this case, all you have to do is just experiment.

I'm going to write a clean article on this subject without going on too long and without explaining trivia. Now let's reason, when someone blocks you, what is blocking you? I can see the lights starting to come on, of course it's blocking your number. So if we don't specify our number when we call the other party, what will it block? Nothing, of course.

Don't Call the Number That Blocked You

If you read above, you understand that your number is blocked. So your way to the other party is through the number. If the number is blocked, then what you need to do is very simple, hide your number. When you hide your number, no number notification will go to the other party.

If you make a call with a number, it will cause problems because your number is blocked on the other side. But if you hide your number, the blocked number will disappear and you will be able to make calls.

However, there is one part of the problem, and that is that the other party's calls to hidden numbers must be turned off. If the other party has disabled calls from hidden numbers, this method will not work for you. You can still try your luck. Maybe it is open to hidden numbers.

Don't Call the Number That Blocked You
Don't Call the Number That Blocked You

How to Hide Number?

Number hiding is very simple. You can do two types of number hiding. One is to hide the number completely in all calls and the other is to hide the number specific to the number to be called only. I will show you both of these.

Hiding the Number Against the Number to Call

  • Copy the number to call
  • Enter number dialing on your phone
  • #31#and then paste the number you copied next to it (example: #31#05987654321)
  • Press the call key and your number is hidden (you must repeat for each call)

Hiding the Number from All Calls

  • First, enter the settings section on your phone.
  • Then find the phone tab in the settings.
  • Once you find it in the Phone tab, enter it and go to the option to hide/unhide numbers.
  • The first time you click on the option here, your open number will no longer be visible to the other party. With the action you have taken, number hiding has been activated.

By hiding your number, you complete the process of calling the number that blocked you. However, this will not work if the other party has turned off calls to hidden numbers. There are sites that give virtual numbers over the internet. You can call the number that blocks you by getting a virtual number from those sites.

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