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Opera GX Download - Player Browser 2023

What is Opera GX?

Opera GXis a browser where you can set hardware limits that will make it incredibly easy for you. When I first heard about it, I downloaded it instantly. When you open the browser, you introduce yourself to the program how much RAM and how much CPU it should use. Normally browsers are extremely RAM and CPU they consume.

Browsers that consume too many resources run slowly and slow down the processes you do on your computer. Opera GX how long the scanner will last RAM and how much CPU you choose which browser to use. In this way, you can use the browser both quickly and without slowing down the computer.

If you want to listen to music in the background while playing games, or if you want to do research or something, it is the best browser I can recommend to you without exception. Opera GXis. Video editors will also love this browser. Because Video Edit programs also consume a lot of resources. And woe to you when you open the browser on top of that. In this case, the only thing you need to do as a browser Opera GX would be to use it. Opera GX enter the browser and set how much ram you allow it to use and that's it.

You can also watch videos in floating windows. Youtube and Twitch videos visible in a window that slides over tabs and other apps. This allows you to watch videos on the side while you do what you want. Thanks to its built-in ad blocking, you can use an ad-free browser. All the ads that can annoy you are now Opera GX not with

Just skip the normal browsers and use this one. Other browsers consume a lot of RAM. Naturally, even if you don't play games, they make the computer run.

opera gx

Opera GX Features

  • Special themes for gamers
  • High speed potential in mobile and desktop browser
  • Customizable
  • Extra privacy enhancements compared to other browsers
  • Adjustable Dark and Light mode
  • Sidebar for Twitch, Discord and other social platforms
  • Dedicated player for platforms like Spotify, Youtube
  • Send documents, files, videos, links, etc. from computer to phone via QR code
  • Watch YouTube videos even when in another window
  • Block annoying ads with Opera GX ad blocker
  • Free VPN Service

Download Opera GX

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