Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking

Quit smokingwill offer you tremendous beauty. You will be both more energetic and happier.

Why did you start smoking?

Sit down and think why did you start smoking? Don't think about it in a vague way, go deeper and think about the real reason. Don't you think the reasons you think are ridiculous? Quit smoking for none of this can stop you.

Do you have a problem, are you being charismatic, are you bored, do you look up to your friends? These questions can multiply, but the answer to these questions is always "No."is. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are deceiving yourself.

Don't you think the reason why you start smoking is to say yes to these questions? By saying yes you are admitting that you are deceiving yourself. Most of the people who smoke today are people who started smoking for show and because they saw it from their friends.

Why would you want to keep using a drug that doesn't give you any benefit, but rather hurts you in every way? A drug that hurts your body, your performance and your pocket every day. This is why Quitting Smoking is the right decision!

10 Reasons to Quit Smoking

1-Smoking Has No Benefit

The people who think that smoking helps are the people who make excuses for smoking. When you think about it, you will see that smoking is always causing you harm and trouble.

It would be wrong to think that it is right to use a drug that can cause you problems in all kinds of ways. Sit down and think about what smoking has brought you so far. A big nothing... Instead of smoking, choose to do things that will benefit you, that will be useful to you. Of course in the first place quit smoking Get it.

2-The Stench of Cigarettes

Quitting Smoking because of Cigarette Smell
Quitting Smoking - Cigarette Smell

Cigarette You have probably seen people who smell like cigarettes after smoking. When you go to non-smokers, there is probably no one who does not mention how bad you smell. A smoker cannot notice the bad smell of the other smoker.

Sometimes you are even disturbed by that stench. When you come home and change your clothes, you may also be disturbed by the smell of cigarettes on your belongings.

If you don't want to be remembered for your bad odor, give up smoking as soon as possible. Even though your favorite friends may not say it. Excuse me. you stink. Yes, that's what your best friend was afraid to say to you. That alone Quitting Smoking I think that's good enough for you.

3-Living on Thorns because the Family Will Learn (Young People)

Maybe you have spent months or years doing this agonizing activity. How many times have you tried to get the smell out of your clothes so that your mother or father would not find out that you smoke?

Maybe you even held your breath from time to time so that the smell would not get to your family members. When you came home, you may have even changed your clothes and washed your hands to get rid of the smell.

Why should you go through all this trouble? Quit smoking don't you think that's enough? I'm not saying this to say that your parents are wrong to be angry. On the contrary, they are very, very right to be angry. They warn you that you are harming your body. But you live a life of constant anxiety so that they don't get angry or warn you.

4-Fear of Getting Caught by Teachers at School (Students)

You know how you used to gather behind the gym and smoke cigarettes, you couldn't even smoke your cigarette in case the instructor would come and catch you, can you feel how smoking made you feel?

Maybe you even got caught and had to be disciplined for it. You don't even realize that smoking sets a negative trajectory in your life. It pulls your lifestyle, your living standards in a negative direction.

You don't even realize that you are taking steps that you will regret very much in the future. I say this as someone who has lived and experienced these things. Quitting Smoking it's not that hard.

5-Cigarettes Restrict What You Can Do

You smoke because you are bored, maybe because you don't get many customers where you work, maybe because you can't find anything to keep you busy. Quit smoking If you put these things aside and use the time you spend smoking to learn new things, you can even get to a very good place.

When you say, "Let me sit here with a cigarette in your hand and let the time pass while I make tea and smoke," you are one step further away from your goals. You waste your time smoking and pity yourself.

Think about when you didn't smoke, you had more time for yourself and could do more fun things. Now you're so bored that you don't want to be left empty-handed.

When anyone says anything "Let me smoke this cigarette!" by saying that you're delaying. This kind of shakes the other party's trust in you. Because if you don't do the action as soon as you are told to do it, the other person will resent it or get angry.

6-Smoking Slimming in a Bad Way

This article is absolutely "I've been drinking for years and I'm overweight!" who's going to say, "I don't know. There is no such thing that everything will react the same to everyone. I only include what I have experienced and seen in my article.

When you smoke, some of the smoke goes into your stomach. The smoke that goes to your stomach clogs it and gives you a feeling of fullness. However, your stomach is empty but you feel full.

You don't eat because you feel full. Sometimes you may even suppress your hunger with a cigarette. This is extremely harmful for your health. When you are hungry, you don't even realize it, so your energy will drop and you will be less active.

If you don't know how to gain weight here by clicking 7 Great Tips for Healthy Weight Gain you can read my article.

7-Cigarettes Make You Hungry

I don't think it affects everyone. It happens more often with high school teenagers. The money they get from their parents for food, they can spend it on cigarettes. They prefer cigarettes to hunger.

Your father and mother work hard to earn that money. They give you money to feed you and you spend it on cigarettes.

It is disrespectful to your parents and to yourself. You are exchanging smoking for eating. Sometimes you even pay for the minibus and walk home because you spent the money on cigarettes, right?

8-Smoking Cigarettes Makes Teeth Yellow

Surely you have seen a person around you whose teeth are rotten and yellow from smoking. What a terrible sight, isn't it? You will be like that after a while.

Even your mustache will turn yellow. You have seen old grandfathers whose white moustaches have turned yellow. The same may happen to you in the future. No one wants to create a bad image.

What filthy teeth this one has! Yes, that's exactly what your close friends mean, but they put up with it so as not to break your heart. Don't show them this image. Quitting Smoking makes your teeth look like pearls.

9-You Are Wasting Money

Quitting Smoking Wastes Money
Stop Smoking - Waste of Money

I don't understand how people who talk about even 1 TL when ordering food can count money for cigarettes. Calculate how much money you will make when you buy cigarettes.

Smoking leads to invisible consumption. You spend a lot of money on cigarettes but you don't realize it. Let's do a little calculation with you.

To cigarettes 53 TL Of course, prices are constantly updated. I'm making a calculation with the current prices. 30 x 53 = 1590 TL you give. In 1 year, this price is 12 x 1590 = 19.080 TL he's doing it. I mean 53 TLif we consider that he smokes one cigarette in just 1 year. 19.080 TL on cigarettes. Imagine if you put all that aside.

2 years 38.160TL Why spend that money on cigarettes, on empty smoke, when you can save it? With the money you spend on cigarettes 6-7 you can buy a car a year and get off your feet. Quitting Smoking promises you a car, maybe a house after a long time.

10-Pity Your Lungs

Everyone knows the damage that smoking does to the lungs. You take even your breath with difficulty. You have to stop and breathe while talking.

I don't understand why you don't quit smoking, an empty smoke that harms your body, your life. It's time to throw away that last packet in your pocket and take a deep breath. There is no reason to smoke anymore. But Quit smoking you've got a lot of reasons.

Ömer Bozdi

Don't be selfish with knowledge so that it multiplies.

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