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Recover Files from Dead Computer, Create Live Windows USB

Recover files from a computer that won't boot is actually simpler than you think. From time to time, operating systems may crash or fail to boot. That's when you start researching how to recover your important files.

I will show you a method so simple that you will be able to recover all your data very easily. The recovery process Live Windows with the realization.

What is Live Windows?

Maybe you've never heard of it until now, but Recover Files from a Computer That Won't Turn On is a live operating system. It allows you to open the operating system you run on the computer directly on the computer without the need for any Hard Disk or installation.

When you understand the logic of this, you will say that it is really very simple. Normally, when you install operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 7 on your computer, they are installed on your Hard Disk.

Every time you start your computer, your Hard Disk kicks in and runs the installed operating system. Live Windows is an example of this. Here USB is used instead of a hard disk. I can hear you asking why USB is used.

The purpose of Live USB is to learn forgotten passwords, Recover Files from a Computer That Won't Turn On and so on. Since Windows won't boot, you can't recover any files. Since there is no operating system running, you need an operating system other than your computer.

Because if you have an active operating system running on your computer, you will be able to access your hard disk and recover your files. Live Windows allows you to do this.

Live Windows is an action that allows you to run Windows using only USB without the need for a Hard Disk. By running the uninstalled operating system that you have thrown on the USB on your computer Recover Files from a Computer That Won't Turn On you can do amazing things like this.

In other words, you throw the uninstalled Windows operating system on a USB stick and you can boot a new operating system on your computer using only USB. This is called Live Windows.

How to prepare Live USB, Live Windows?

Recover Files from a Computer That Won't Turn On The first step to be able to do this will be to burn the Live Windows operating system to Flash Memory. For the burning process, we need a utility. If you follow the steps in order, Live Windows will be ready.

Live Windows
Live Windows
  • First of all here Download windows 7 usb iso file for live usb by clicking here.
Download Rufus
Download Rufus
  • As the other file descends here to download the latest version of the rufus program. The version may change according to the date you downloaded it. As you can see in the picture above, you can download the latest version by clicking on the download link at the top.
Live Windows
Live Windows
  • The one you downloaded in the first place .rar file and open the file in the WINPE.iso file and throw it to the desktop.
  • Insert a usb into your computer. Open the rufus program you downloaded and select the usb drive you inserted into your computer where the arrow points.
  • Click on the Select button and click on the WINPE.iso by selecting the file "Open." Click on the button.
  • Click the Start button and wait for the printing process to complete. When the process is complete Status notification will appear.

So much for the USB preparation process. Now it's time to figure out how to recover our data. You can recover any data you want by following the steps below exactly. This can be a picture, a video or any file.

How to Recover Files from a Computer That Won't Boot - Live Windows?

Recover Files from a Computer That Won't Turn On we told you that we were going to do this using Live Windows. In order to use Live Windows, you need to start your computer from USB. As I said at the beginning, when you press the Power button on your computer, your Hard Disk is activated and the operating system starts by reading the data on the Hard Disk.

Here we will change the default so that when we press the Power button, the operating system will boot by reading the data from the USB. In order to do this, we need our computer to "Boot" menu.

Each computer may have a different key combination to enter the Boot Menu. But there is a very easy way to figure out which key to use to enter the Boot Menu. When you press the Power key and the computer displays the screen, keep your eyes on the screen.

Usually in the bottom right corner of the screen it is written which key to use to enter the Boot Menu. If this information is not on the screen, you can find the Boot Menu key by typing the model of your computer into the Internet.

Notice we're not going into the bios. We will enter the boot menu. If you go into the Bios, it is a very long and complicated path for the uninitiated. But if you enter the Boot Menu, you have the chance to select USB directly.

Boot Menu
Boot Menu
  • After pressing the Boot Menu button, you need to select which drive you want to boot the computer from. The drive should be the USB stick inserted in the computer. Select the drive with the direction keys and press "Enter" Press the key.
Windows 7
Windows 7
  • You will then see this screen. It says here that you need to press any key to boot from the USB stick. When you are in this screen, press any key on the keyboard according to your mind.

After waiting for a while, Windows 7 will boot. And now your Live Windows operating system is ready. Except for the Windows operating system that did not boot, we have now booted Windows 7 without installation using a USB stick. Recover Files from a Computer That Won't Turn On you can perform the operation.

You can now recover the files you want to recover by inserting a different USB stick. When you remove the Live USB stick, everything will go back to the way it was before.

Recover Files from a Computer That Won't Turn On
Recover Files from a Computer That Won't Turn On

Live USB, When is Live Windows Useful?

Live Windows is actually a very important first aid tool that nobody knows about. From time to time we can forget the passwords we have put into the Windows operating system. In these moments of forgetting, Live Windows comes to our aid.

Thanks to the programs it contains, we can easily crack Windows passwords. It allows you to recover data from Windows operating systems that cannot be opened by not leaving it with password cracking.

Just because your operating system won't boot doesn't mean you can't access your Hard Disk. Unless, of course, the Hard Disk is the reason why your operating system won't boot. By using Live Windows, you can easily recover pictures, videos and files from the Hard Disk where the operating systems do not boot.

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