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How to Recover Deleted Pictures, Recover Deleted Files from Flash Memory - In 5 Minutes

I must say that the process of recovering deleted files is very simple and you can also recover deleted images with this method.

Recovering Deleted Files

Would you believe me if I told you that data recovery is very easy? I want to clarify a situation that we often encounter. Flash drives start to cause problems after a while. When they start to cause these problems, they constantly "Format Disk" appears.

Since you can't get into the flash drive without formatting the disk, you have to format the flash drive. Not to mention that it contains tons of important files. But remember that there is a cure for everything.

Recover Deleted Pictures

Recovering deleted pictures is quite simple. Recovering deleted pictures means recovering deleted pictures from your computer or usb drive. "How is this happening?" you can say.

When you delete images, they are not actually deleted completely. They are only shown as deleted by operating systems. Therefore, it is possible to retrieve images that appear to have been deleted, but in fact have not been deleted.

You can easily bring back your deleted pictures by applying the following illustrated tutorial on your computer. Moreover, in the same quality and very quickly.

Will Formatting Delete Files in Flash Memory?

When you delete a file from your flash drive, it is not completely deleted. Until it is overwritten. When you format your flash drive, it is only deleted out of sight. In fact, the file you deleted is still in your flash drive.

So any file you delete is not deleted. But if you delete a file and replace it with another file, it can be deleted. We call this an overwrite event. Now let's make an example. You have a 4gb flash drive and it is full. You have formatted it, the files in it are not completely deleted. If you throw a 4gb file into that flash drive, everything in it will be completely deleted.

The files you delete are in the nooks and crannies of your memory. When you throw a file into it, the thrown file overwrites the seemingly deleted file and it is completely deleted.

What is the Logic of a Data Recovery Program?

Data recovery programs recover files based on the overwriting I mentioned above. They find and return files that have apparently been deleted but not overwritten. This is what data recovery programs do. This is also called data recovery It's called.

Can Data Be Recovered to the Same Disk?

You must recover data to a disk other than the one from which you are recovering data. Even if you try to do otherwise, you cannot. If you were to recover to the same disk, the data you recovered would have overwritten the data to be recovered. In this case, you would not be able to recover all of the data because it would be overwritten. When recovering data from a flash drive C: or D: you need to use the disk.

How Old Does Data Recovery Cover?

It would not be right to give a date like 1 week ago, 1 month ago. For example, you have used your flash drive for 10 years, you deleted a file from it 10 years ago, you want to recover it today. If no data has been written on it, you can even recover the file 10 years ago.

There is no problem in the duration part, the main thing here is whether any data is overwritten on the data to be recovered.

Are Data Recovery Programs Paid?

There are tons of programs on the market, both free and paid. In this explanation, I will use a paid program, but I will share the licensed version of the program below because I am thinking of you.

How to Recover Deleted Files?

The program I will use in this section is Recover My Files. Please use Recover My Files After downloading and installing the program, follow the steps below.

Recovering Deleted Files
Recovering Deleted Files
  • After opening the program, you can see the red marked "Recover DriveClick on the " button.
Recovering Deleted Files
Recovering Deleted Files
  • Select the disk from which we will recover data.
  • Selected in the image above "Automatic Drive Recover" and select "NextClick on the " button.
  • It will scan your deleted files and when the scan is finished you will see the screen above.
Recovering Deleted Files
Recovering Deleted Files
  • After the scanning process is finished, click on the "Save" button will appear. Select the files to recover and click "SaveClick on the " button. Then continue by selecting the disk where the data will be saved.
  • It's as simple as that. You will see that all your data is intact.

You can also do this with flash drives that have important files deleted from them. So it doesn't only work on formatted flash drives. You can also apply it to storage units such as flash drives, sd cards, etc. from which you have deleted important files, pictures, videos, audio recordings.

Among the highest quality programs I have tried for now Recover My Files is coming. The scanning process is very fast and the recovery rate is much higher than other programs. Some programs recover corrupted files. This is the best program for recovering deleted files.

Recover My Files When you follow the steps described above, you can even recover files that have been deleted years ago. It allows recovery regardless of file type. It already has a wide range of file formats. We can say the feature that distinguishes it from other programs.

Because Recover My Files The program supports many types of formats, and this is the kind you might like. There is no rule that you can recover every file and no one is claiming that. As I explained above, recovery is successful if no files have been overwritten. Otherwise, your files will be either unrecoverable or corrupted.

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