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Windows 10 timed computer shutdown!

Timed computer shutdown is actually something that can be done easily with a command prompt. You can follow the steps below to shut down the computer automatically.

How to Turn Off a Computer on Schedule in Windows 10

When you are not in front of your computer, you want it to be turned off after a certain time, i.e. to be turned off on a timer. This is probably because you don't want it to stay on and consume energy unnecessarily, and you don't want to damage your computer by keeping it on for too long.

For example, you started downloading games at 2 am. But your sleep was heavy. You need to sleep, but there are 3 hours left until the game is completely downloaded. You want the computer to shut down automatically after the game downloads.

There is a method for this and it is very simple. In these situations you can choose a few alternative actions. Just set a time in your head and set the computer to shut down after that number of hours.

Of course, this is not limited to hours. You can set when to shut down your computer in days, hours and minutes. There are several ways to do this. Some do the timed shutdown via a program, others via a timed shutdown command.

In this article, I will compile a few programs and timed shutdown codes for you. You can use any of them to turn off your computer at any time you want.

Timed Computer Shutdown Command

  • Open the Start menu and type "Run." and enter.
  • The panel that followed "CMD" and enter.
  • In the black window that opens shutdown -s -f -t xcommand. In this command X replace with the number of seconds after how many hours you want it to close. 1 Hour = 3600 As you can see here, we have calculated 1 hour in seconds instead of 1 hour.
  • X instead set the time zone in seconds and enter.
Windows 10 Timed Computer Shutdown
Windows 10 Timed Computer Shutdown

Timed Shutdown Cancel Computer Command

Let's say you set a time to shut down using the above method, but then you change your mind and don't want the computer to shut down automatically. To do this, you need to cancel the automatic shutdown with a command.

  • Open the Start menu and type "Run." write and enterstain it.
  • The panel that followed "CMD" and enter.
  • "shutdown -a" by entering the command enter Do it.

How to Shut Down the Computer Automatically Using the Wise Auto Shutdown Program

  • First of all Wise Auto Shutdown you download the program.
  • Open the program and next and install it.
  • After the installation is complete, open the program.
  • "From now on" and select the number of hours you want your computer to shut down and select "Start Mission" Click on the button.
Windows 10 Timed Computer Shutdown
Windows 10 Timed Computer Shutdown

Also, with this program, you can add a new program to your computer after a certain period of time. reboot, logout You can also give commands such as.

If you want it to stay open for days "Specific Time"if you want it to close at a certain time every day. "Diary" you can also select the options.
If you want to cancel, after starting the task, click "Cancel Task" button will be sufficient.

How to Shut Down Computer Automatically with Auto Shutdown Program

The logic is actually the same in this program. You can give important commands such as restarting, shutting down, logging off, etc. to the computer for any period of time you specify. It is much lighter than other programs and is very easy to use without the need for installation.

  • Automatic Computer Shutdown program and open it. It will open directly because it is not installed.
  • Choose which action you want your computer to take and for how long.
  • When you make the selection, the program will automatically start counting down. At the end of the countdown, it will perform the action you have selected.
Automatic Computer Shutdown Program

Shutdown Timer Program to Shut Down the Computer Automatically

  • Shutdown Timer program on your computer.
  • Open the downloaded file. The program will open directly because it is not installed.
  • Like the other programs, this one also allows you to select the time period and the action to be taken. "Start" Click on the button.

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