What is Portable, What is a Portable Program?

Portableis a term often used in the computer world. And what about portable what do you mean, portable what is the program?

What is Portable?

Portablewithout being installed on the computer. install is a general name given to programs that you can use without installing them. Normally, in order to use a program, it usually needs to be installed with the .exe extension file. However portable programs do not need it.

These portable programs can be opened on any system and do not require installation. They open by creating temporary files in the Temp folder on your computer. When you close the program, they automatically delete the temporary files. To get to the heart of the matter; Portable programare programs that open without installation.

Disadvantages of Using Portable Programs

Portable programs usually open late. Because they create temporary files, they take longer to open than regular programs.

  • They take a long time to open,
  • Not all temporary files they create are deleted in every program,
  • Can leave a record in the registry,
  • There is a possibility that it contains a virus (depending on the site you downloaded it from),
  • Each time you open it, the program is reset and opens without logging.

Advantages of Using a Portable Program

  • You can open the program on any computer you want,
  • It works without turning the computer into a garbage dump,
  • You save time (installation etc.),
  • You can carry it around by putting it in portable drives.

In general portable I recommend using a program. You can put the programs you want to use on a USB stick and use them whenever you want. For example photoshop I shared the portable version of the program. Here to download and use the program.

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