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What is a Phishing Attack? You Should Do These Things To Prevent Your Social Media Account From Being Stolen!

In fact, phishing is the most common method of account hacking on the internet. Day by day, people realize that account thefts are getting more intense. This is proof that this situation should not be taken so lightly.

Even some influencers have their accounts stolen nowadays. This means that even people with big accounts can have their accounts stolen with a moment of absent-mindedness. There is no rule that it won't happen to you. Phishing and do you have any idea what this is?

What is a Phishing Attack?

Phishing is a very simple method. This method is so easy that it can be used by anyone. Even a 10 year old child using a computer can use it by doing a little research on the internet. Phishing can use the method.

Phishingmeans cloning the same of a site. When cloned, the forms to enter username and password are cloned. In this way, the main site is exactly the same. The method of deception is to design a new fake site that is identical to the main site.

These cloned systems are integrated into domains similar to the links of social media accounts. For example, they clone instagram and integrate it into similar domains such as instead of

People enter the site thinking it is instagram without paying attention to the domain and enter their username and password. When you enter the username and password, the username and password fall directly into the pool of the site founder. Thus, by creating a similar platform, they have access to your username and passwords.

Since we do not want anyone to suffer from these situations, let's take a detailed look at the subject and let's talk about where this method is used.

What is a Phishing Attack
What is a Phishing Attack

How to Avoid Phishing?

In fact, there is nothing that can be done about it except to be a little careful. Links to such sites are usually shared with you via Whatsapp or other social platforms.

They give you a few convincing sentences. Dude, watch this, it's funny, dude, haven't you watched this video yet, etc. They encourage you to click on the link by supporting it with encouraging sentences. Do not pay attention to such things.

Do not click if your friend sends you a link. If you are very curious and clicked, never log in to the site with your own username and password. Because a moment of curiosity can cause you to say goodbye to your account that you have been using for years.

This may sound like a very simple method, but almost all scammers use this method. It can seriously lose you money. When you think about it, you can say that it won't happen to me after reading this article, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Just because you are absent-minded, you can lose your bank account and have your personal data intercepted by other people. No one wants this personal data to be spread on the internet.

Since the fraudster knows this, he may ask for money in order not to spread your personal data on the internet. It can create permanent troubles for you by using it on all kinds of sites. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent this.

As I said above, there is no choice but to be cautious. To avoid this situation, do not enter websites you do not trust. Do not click on links that everyone throws. If you have entered a site, check whether the site address is complete in the address bar.

Where else is this method used?

It would not be right to limit this only to social media. Because these methods can also be used in internet banking. It would not be right to limit it by saying only social media and internet banking. You may come across fake websites everywhere at any moment.

What is a Phishing Attack
What is a Phishing Attack

They can even clone the websites of banks one-to-one. In the same way, when you enter such sites, the username and password of internet banking will fall into the pool. Thus, they can withdraw money from your card as desired.

I have to say again that after confirming that the sites you enter are original sites, enter your username and password. This way you will not be a victim of the system.

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