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What is Filezilla, How to Download, How to Install?

Filezillais an FTP program that allows you to exchange data between your computer and the server you have purchased or rented.

What is Filezilla?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol'is. It means file transfer protocol. It is possible to transfer files to the server you have rented or purchased with the help of Filezilla, an FTP program.

It is not only used for data exchange. If the codes of the site are to be modified, this can also be done with the Filezilla program. To change the code of a file, go to the directory of that file and open the file to be edited.

Once edited, it is saved and the process is complete. You can also edit file permissions with this program.

Since it is free software, most people who are busy with their website download Filezilla as an FTP program. It is both simple to use and free software. I think this is the best way to answer the question of what Filezilla is. Now let's learn how to download it.

Filezilla Download

To Google Download Filezilla When you type, many websites appear. But this program I want you to download only from its main site. Other sites may be dangerous for you.

  • Filezilla to download here and go to the main site of the program,
  • When you enter the site "DownloadClick on the green button that says ",
  • The download will start automatically.
Filezilla Download
Filezilla Download

How to install Filezilla?

Above we have discussed how to download the Filezilla program. After downloading, you must also install it so that you can manage FTP connections. Filezilla installation is a must for you to access your files with your server. The guide below will help you in this regard.

  • Open the downloaded file,
  • A window will open, where you will see "I AgreeClick on the " button, (This section provides you with the user agreement. When you click on the "I Agree" button, you are deemed to have accepted the user agreement).
  • Then it keeps us waiting for 2-3 seconds,
  • After a short wait, the screen displays "Next" click on the button.
  • Then "Desktop Icon"After checking the box next to "Next" button to proceed.
  • Do not change the settings unless possible."NextClick on the " button.
  • Yes, the installation is complete. "Finish" button to start the program.
  • The installation of the program is complete.
WARNING: If you see an advertisement for a different program, you should definitely click "Decline" button to proceed. Otherwise it will install extra Sponsor software on your computer.

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