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Massive Whatsapp Cheat - 3 Pieces (No More Trips!!!)

WhatsApp I shared with you Secretly Listening to Voice Messages, Secretly Looking at Whatsapp Status and one more Whatsapp cheat. You will no longer be scolded by your girlfriend. I advise you not to use these with bad intentions. Don't say what will be bad, what's going on, oh dear.

1-WhatsApp Voice Messages Eavesdropping Trick

I am sure that when you see how simple it is to listen to Whatsapp voice recording without the other party seeing it, I am sure that you will say it is that simple. They deceive people with ridiculous methods on the internet, here I will give you the trick of how to eavesdrop on WhatsApp Voice Messages with the real and never outdated method. Isn't it a nice Whatsapp Cheat?

Let's take a journey of logic together. We will listen to the audio and at the same time prevent the other person from seeing it. The simplest way to do this, get ready for me to tell you, is of course to transmit the sound to someone else. Now, some people will say "What's the point if the person we send the sound to listens to it?". That's the point. We listen to the audio by transmitting it to our own number.

Whsatsapp Cheat - Voice Message
Whsatsapp Cheat - Voice Message
  • Save your own number in your contacts,
  • Forward the audio you want to listen to to your own number,
  • Listen to the sound like this.

The purpose of this process is that when the other party sends you a voice message, you will listen to the voice with this method. But the other party will not be aware that you are listening to the audio. He will realize that you see the audio recording, but he will not realize that you are listening to it. This will annoy the other party a lot.

2-Secretly Checking Your WhatsApp Status

Sneaking a peek at Whatsapp statuses will be easier than you think. Because we will use a simple feature that Whatsapp offers. Secretly looking at Whatsapp statuses will make you a secret stalker. I am explaining this feature in bullet points, sir.

  • Open the Whatsapp app and open "Settings" section.
  • "Account" click on the text.
  • "Privacy Tab" Come.
  • On the page that opens "Read Info"shut it down.
  • Now you can sneak a peek at the other party's status.
WARNING: Do not remove the status you are looking at "Read Info'do not open it. The status you are looking at will be automatically removed after 24 hours and only then "Read Info"You can turn off read receipts. During this time, it will not be obvious to those who look at the situations you have posted, and when you turn off the read receipt, your messages will not be seen and the messages you send to the other party will not be seen. So you turn off the blue tick.

3-Move to the Menu without Entering Whatsapp after Closing the Key

Normally, when you write a message in Whatsapp and close the button, Whatsapp remains open in the background and you appear online in Whatsapp as soon as you open the button. In fact, if you have locked the key in the chat panel, the message sent will be seen and you will have to reply to the message.

Would you believe me if I told you that you can go back to the main menu without doing all this, without even appearing online, with your last seen status remaining the same? Even if you don't believe me, you will have to, because the method will make you say wow.

But don't get on my back just yet, I'll turn off last seen, what's easier than that? That way doesn't always work. If you are in the chat panel, the message will be seen. Now don't say that you can turn off the read receipt, your girlfriend will tear your hair out.

Now, my beautiful brother, our goal is to figure out how to switch to the menu without entering Whatsapp when Whatsapp is open in the background, right? If you can't light the bulbs, I will explain the bulbs item by item.

  • When your key is off, enter the camera app without ever opening your key.
  • Then "Enter All Photos" if it asks for a password, enter your password.
  • You are now in the gallery. You press the return button to the home screen and bingo.
  • This time you are now on the main menu screen.

Use these cheats to isolate yourself from the hunting party.

Ömer Bozdi

Don't be selfish with knowledge so that it multiplies.

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