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WordPress Ping Services 2023 - Current

What is Wordpress Ping?

I can easily express that wordpress ping services help us in two ways. In the first issue, wordpress pings ensure that the articles and pages you write are indexed much faster on the internet.

When you use this service, you get bots from some websites. Bots come and check your website. While these bots come, the google bots that we want to come come with them. Google bots allow your website to index the content of your website quickly.

The faster your website is indexed, the more users will visit your website. As your visitors increase, google will bring you to the forefront and you will start attracting many more visitors.

When we come to the second issue, we will see that it is about stolen content. Imagine two websites. The first website is yours and the second website belongs to any person. You worked for days and wrote a long and beautiful article, and the next day, the other site stole your article and added it to its own site.

If the stolen article of the person who shares the stolen article in google is indexed before you, your article will appear to be stolen. You don't even want to suffer from this situation. You get hit from both google and the advertising company. In this regard, you need to ensure that the articles you write using wordpress pings gain fast indexing.

Wordpress pings will be automatically added as 1 when you install worpress. But a single ping will not be enough for fast indexing. By the way, all of the pings I will share are the pings that wordpress has legally shared on its own site.

Why Do Google Bots Come?

Google bots are harmless visitors provided by google. They automatically check whether there is a problem on your site by constantly entering and exiting your site. For example, you had a site and you closed it. Google bots will enter the site and check if it is open or not.

When they arrive, they will see that the site is closed, that is, the site is not entered. By sending a notification to google immediately, the indexes of the site will be removed. Of course, these are always handled by automatic processes.

Should Wordpress Ping Be Used?

It is a manual service that I strongly recommend you to use. I recommend you to use it if you want to increase the visitors of your site. Although it is very simple to use, it will really benefit your site in a really good way.

Wordpress Current Ping List

Wordpress Ping List - List 1 ping cgi
http: //ping.syndic8. / xmlrpc.php
http: //rpc.weblogs .com / RPC2

Wordpress Ping List - 2nd List

All wordpress ping services are excerpted from wordpress's own site. To go directly to the wordpress ping page here click here.

How to Add Wordpress Ping?

Adding wordpress ping services is very simple. What you need to do is copy any of the above codes and enter the wordpress admin panel and click "Settings" menu "Writing"menu and select "Update Services" to paste in the box.

Admin Panel>Settings>Write>Update Services

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