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Computer Shutting Down by Itself +5 Solutions

The computer shuts itself off!

There can be many reasons why your computer keeps shutting down by itself, suddenly shutting down by itself and constantly rebooting. The quickest way to find out what causes your computer to shut down is to think about the last time you did something on it that caused it to do so.

Because a computer does not shut down and restart itself for no reason. For example, we sleep because we feel sleepy, so there is a reason for us to sleep. There is also a reason why the computer restarts and it does not happen spontaneously.

It may shut down because of a mistake you have made or because it is an aging computer. Without further ado, let me tell you about the situations that can cause the computer to shut down and their solutions, which I have recently experienced personally.

1-The Processor Heats Up Too Much!

If your computer shuts down or reboots on its own, the most important factor that can cause this may be the processor. Your processor suddenly starts to heat up due to the applications and heavy programs you use. Because it cannot power heavy programs all at once.

Think about when you lift weights in the gym, how warm your body feels. Processors are the same in this regard. The more load it is put under, the hotter it gets. The more it is overloaded, the more it can't keep up and shuts down or restarts the computer.

There's a reason why it reboots. If it gets much more load, it will get much hotter. Naturally, since it will reach too much heat, it directly restarts the computer so that it does not affect the hardware of the computer, so that it does not burn it.


The solution to this is actually starting to form in your mind. The problem here is temperature. We need to look for ways to lower this temperature. To reduce the temperature, you can give your computer a good cleaning or you can leave the side cover of your computer open.

You can also install an additional fan in the computer if you have the possibility. If you want to learn more detailed cooling techniques, you can click on the link below.

2-Processor Fan Not Fully Seated

This problem may not even cross your mind, but it is one of the most important details of the most computer shuts down by itself problem. The processor fan is a propeller consisting of an aluminum structure at the bottom that is placed on the processor to cool your processor.

The impeller produces cold air and transmits this cold air produced in the aluminum structure to the processor. If the processor fan does not fit properly, the temperature problem mentioned above will occur. The temperature problem causes the computer to shut down or restart. Therefore, the computer may be constantly shutting down.

Processor Heats Up
Processor Heats Up


Turn off the power to your computer. Open your case cover and remove the processor fan. The processor fan is the fan located in the center on the motherboard. Do not grab it directly with your hand and try to pull it out. Processor fans usually have 4 legs and these legs are attached to the motherboard with clips.

To remove the processor fan, you need to turn each leg in the direction of the arrow on the leg. After turning, pull each leg upwards one by one. After pulling, the fan will come out automatically.

If there is dust on it, do not forget to clean the dust. After cleaning the dust, check if there is thermal paste on the processor fan or the processor. Thermal Pasteis the cream-like substance that provides the connection between your processor and the processor fan.

If the thermal paste is dried out or there is none, get thermal paste from computer supply stores and apply it on your processor as much as a grain of lentil. After applying it, put the processor fan back in place. To put it back in, do the opposite of the steps you did when removing it.

3-Ram Play

If the RAMs are not seated or are out of contact due to dust, it may cause your computer to blue screen and shut down on its own. If you are not experiencing a blue screen, the problem is probably not caused by the RAM.

But to be on the safe side, you should also follow this point. When the RAMs are not in place, they become unable to function. Since it cannot fulfill its functions, you will encounter a Ram problem in your computer and your computer will not work properly.

Dusting is also an example. The intervening dust breaks the connection between the Ram and the Motherboard, preventing healthy operation. Since all the hardware in the computer does not work properly at the same time, the computer constantly restarts itself. If the computer is constantly shutting down, it may also be caused by this situation.


Clean the RAMs to guarantee your work. The easiest solution for Ram cleaning is to wipe it with an eraser. It may sound a little ridiculous to you, but the eraser is really a very good cleaner.

Remove the Ram from your computer. Wipe the metallic part entering the motherboard with an eraser, front and back, and reinstall it. If there is dust in the Ram socket, clean it.

4- Incorrectly Installed Drivers

This is a problem that most people don't even think about. If the computer shuts down on its own, there may be a problem with your drivers. When you update your drivers, it is an occasional occurrence. Incorrectly installed drivers prevent your computer from working properly.

Incorrect installation means, for example, installing the drivers for another video card instead of installing the drivers for your own video card. This is like wearing small shoes. Instead of wearing a shoe that normally fits you, you wear a shoe that fits someone with a small foot. You become unable to walk because it affects your normal gait.

Driver Update
Driver Update


The solution is actually to install the correct drivers. If you don't want to install drivers one by one Driver Booster or Driver update programs such as Driver Pack Solution. Driver Pack Solution is a free software. Driver update program Driver Booster You can click here to download.

5-Software Problem

The problem of turning off and on may not only be hardware. Software errors can also cause the computer to turn off and on continuously. The operating system that encounters errors while installing or programs that fail in the background may be the cause of this problem.

Incorrectly installed Windows software can also cause problems. For example, if you install a Windows operating system with a bitrate that your computer does not support, you may encounter this problem very often. To be more specific, let's say you have 64-bit Windows installed on your computer.

Your processor broke and you installed a 32-bit processor. That computer is likely to shut down. Because an unsupported processor is installed. So the operating system installed on your computer and the supported operating system must be the same.


The most reliable way is to format the computer. If you find out which program is causing the problem, you can solve the problem by uninstalling that program.

6-Defective Hard disk

I would say it is a very rare problem. But it can be part of the problem of the computer shutting down by itself. Hard disks are not parts that deteriorate so quickly, but they are the most sensitive piece of hardware in terms of sensitivity. When there is a problem with the cards of hard disks, they work like crazy.

Faulty hard disks often prevent the computer from booting or cause freezes. If you have followed the above steps without results, follow this article.


Try the hard disk on another computer to see if it is defective. If it is defective, there is nothing to do, you will have to buy a new hard disk by taking 3-5 cents out of your pocket.

When you follow the steps above "computer shuts itself off" you will get rid of the complaint. All the items I have listed are solutions that I have experienced myself. "Computer shuts down by itself I have answered the problem with my own experience.

If you do not get any results by following the above steps, go to the nearest computer shop and voice your problem. Otherwise you may damage the computer.

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