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Ashampoo Snap 14 Giveaway License Key Free 2024

Ashampoo Snap 14 get a free license key for the program. Get your screen recordings in HD quality.

What is Ashampoo Snap 14?

Ashampoo Snap 14is the most detailed and feature-rich screen recording program you will ever see. It has everything that a screen recording program should have. The timed screen recording feature is at the top of the list of what attracted me. Using the time setting, you can start screen recording at any time you want.

It is a software that provides serious flexibility to its users. When you say screen recording program, we need to be able to shoot the area we want in the size we want. Ashampoo Snap 14 more than fulfills its job. Simply select the area you want to save in any area of the screen and it will be enough for you.

Apart from that, you can edit the screen videos you have recorded within the same program. You can add various arrows and numbering to your videos. So to sum up, you can take a screen video and edit and save it without the need for an additional program.

You can even change mouse clicks and pointers in the screen recordings. Ashampoo Snap 14, which has all these features together, is personally recommended to you. Moreover, we are proud that you have such a beautiful program for free thanks to us.

Ashampoo Snap 14 Features

  • Completely revised recording area
  • Creating screenshots of 3D full-screen games
  • Add watermarks automatically
  • Using the color picker to capture colors between applications
  • Create scheduled catches
  • Cut videos
  • Enhanced watermarking with live preview
  • Turn video cuts into animated GIFs
  • Advanced recording of audio tracks
  • Resolutions up to 4K
  • Live editing video recordings with text and pen annotations
  • Display keyboard input during video recordings
  • Motion capture window during video recordings
  • Providing microphone commentary during webcam recording
  • Freely adjust webcam screen position and size
  • Simplified rendering for video and mouse effects
  • Enhanced MP4/WMV playback based on the new Windows Media Foundation
  • Timed video capture
  • Using the counter to limit the record length
  • Pause and resume recordings
  • View recording length
  • Adjust the capture area in real time while recording
  • Webcam capture
  • Add mouse click effects
  • Tons more different features...
Ashampoo Snap 14
Ashampoo Snap 14

Ashampoo Snap 14 Giveaway License Key

Download the program from the link below.License keys are valid only for the version shared below. You will get a license error for different versions.
Click here to download the program Click to Go to License Page

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