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What is DearMob iPhone Manager?

DearMob iPhone Manageris a kind of data transfer program that allows you to transfer data to your iphone phone from your computer. It does not stress you like other programs. As you know, Itunes torments us while transferring data. We don't know what to do and how to do it. Also, what we can do is a bit limited. Well, this situation attracted someone's attention and they made a data transfer program for iphone.

DearMob Iphone Manager Thanks to this feature, you can easily transfer pictures, videos, voice recordings, numbers, music from your computer to your iphone phone. Moreover, you can set the music you transfer as ringtones. If your phone does not support the videos you will transfer, it also includes a tool to convert them to a format that will support it. You can convert the videos before transferring them and then throw them on your phone. And it's not limited to video. You can also convert music and photos.

You can back up your phone and restore existing backups. Backup your phone DearMob Iphone Manager you can host it on your external disk, USB stick and many other places. You can set a password to your backup and restrict access to others. Just be aware that if you forget the password, you will not be able to restore the backup.

Currently the program supports both Windows and MacOS.

 DearMob iPhone Manager Features

  • Transfer videos to computer or phone
  • Transfer images to computer or phone
  • Transfer music and pictures to computer or phone
  • Convert videos to different formats
  • Convert images to different formats
  • Convert music to different formats
  • Ability to set ringtone
  • Ability to make backups
  • Ability to restore backups
  • Ability to put password on backups
  • Ability to edit and delete songs
DearMob iPhone Manager
DearMob iPhone Manager
Licensed Email: [email protected]
Registration code for Windows: CCHCG-ADELK-6EDFV-TC6PB
Registration code for Mac: CDDS2-BTC3X-DWMBU-AQ7VL
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