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Flash Memory Formatting Program 2023 (Flash Memory and Memory Card)

Flash memory formatting programis used for flash memory that cannot be formatted by normal means. From time to time, flash drives pass out. After a while they start to cause problems. One of these problems is "Formatting Not Finished" is a mistake. To eliminate these mistakes, we offer you format flash memory program.

I have experienced using all of these programs myself. The logic of a flash formatting program is always the same. But some programs force formatting flash drives that cannot be formatted and are successful in doing so. That's why we should include a flash memory formatting program in our lives. First of all, let's take a look at how we can format our USB stick or memory card in the normal way.

After following the steps below, if USB formatting still causes problems, switch to the USB formatting program. I will talk about the formatting program in detail below.

What is USB Formatting?

The best answer to the question of what is USB Flash Memory formatting is to delete the contents of the Flash Memory. However, you cannot always completely destroy the data in the Flash Memory. This is because there are 2 main ways of formatting.

As you can understand from here, the Flash Memory formatting process is divided into two. One of them is Fast Formattingand the other one Slow Formatting is in the form You can see both main paths in every Flash Memory Formatting Program. So what are the differences between them? Let's examine them together.

1-What is Fast Flash Memory Formatting?

The issue you will pay attention to when formatting Flash Memory is whether your data will be recovered later. Because in every formatting process, the data is not completely deleted from your Flash Memory. The type of formatting in which the data is not completely deleted "Fast Formatting" It's called.

Fast Formattingdoes not completely erase the data from the Flash Memory. It appears to be empty inside, but you can retrieve the data you think you deleted later through some programs. But there are some conditions. If you enter the Flash Memory when you do Fast Formatting, you will see an empty interface. Everything appears to be deleted.

You see it as erased, but the data is kept in hidden memory. In order to completely erase this data, you need to overwrite the data stored in the hidden memory with other data. If we speak in a language you can understand, you need to put other data into the Flash Memory by normal means.

Otherwise, the data in the hidden memory, which is not overwritten with any data, will not be completely erased. Flash Memory or SD Card if you are going to give Fast Formatting you shouldn't. As for Saadat. "Fast Formatting" formatting format is fast and does not completely destroy your data. Tomorrow you may be able to retrieve your deleted data with a few different programs.

If you want your data to be completely deleted, I will explain in a moment Long Formatting by way of Your USB sticksyou must format it.

2-What is Long Flash Memory Formatting?

The actual formatting process Long Formatting is done with Long Forming On your SD Card or On your USB stick all the data completely, irreversible and erases it. The process takes quite a long time. Formatting time may vary depending on the size of your Flash Memory.

It completely erases the data you want to delete. If you want to go back one day tomorrow, you will never be able to fully retrieve your data. It destroys even the data in the hidden memory. That's why we call it actual formatting. If we come to Saadete here too "Long Forming" formatting format completely erases your data and takes a long time.

Windows USB Flash Memory Formatting

Normally, when you want to format a flash drive, you can format it using the features of the Windows operating system without the need for an extra USB flash drive formatting program. There is no need for an extra usb flash drive formatting program to format a USB flash drive and there are 2 ways to do it. But if the formatting process is not successful, there is no choice but to resort to programs.

We said that there are 2 ways to format using the Windows operating system. The first one is the normal "My computer" to format the USB, the second one is "Disk Management"to format the USB using .

1-USB Formatting Using My Computer Shortcut

USB Format Program Free
USB Format Program Free
  • Double-click on the My Computer icon, usually found on the desktop, and go inside.
  • Once inside, you will be presented with the drives, i.e. the devices installed on your computer.
  • In this section, check the size of the Flash Memory you have inserted. Once you check the size you will know which one you want to format.
  • Once you have found the USB to be formatted, hover over it and press left click on it. Then click right click "Format" Say it.
  • "Restore Device Defaults" Click on the button. The reason why we click on this is that we will send the USB back to the first time we bought it (the file format will be the same as on the first day).
  • "Quick Format" Put a check mark in the box next to the option.
  • Last time "Start" button and click "Completed" and wait for the message to appear.
  • That's it, that's it.
Flash Memory Format Program Free
Flash Memory Format Program Free

2-USB Formatting Using Disk Management

In this step, we will format our USB stick without using an extra program. It's actually easy and short this way.

  • Located on the desktop "My computer" icon and right-click "Manage" Say it.
  • If you are presented with an administrator question "Yes." answer and proceed. If not, follow the other steps.
  • Available in the last menu "Storage" tab.
  • Open the tab "Disk Management" will appear, click on it.
  • When you enter this section, you will see a detailed list of the drives installed on your computer below.
  • Understand if it says removable next to the drives flash memory or SD cardtruck.
  • Find the drive you inserted and right-click on it "Format" Say it.
  • You will see a warning "Okay." and wait.
  • After waiting a bit, your flash drive will be formatted.
USB Formatting - With Disk Management
USB Formatting - With Disk Management

With the above method "failed to finish formatting usb" error can also be cured. Sometimes this method works for flash drives or SD cards that cannot be formatted. You can also use this method just in case. Programless Flash Memory formatting process is not limited to this.

CMD you can also use the formatting screen. I will explain that step by step below. After explaining that method "USB Flash Memory Formatting Program"we're going to make the transition.

3-USB Formatting Using CMD Commands

As you can understand from the title, you can format your flash memory without using any usb flash memory formatting program, just using CMD commands. It is very important to use these codes in order. With this process, which I will explain in items, you will be able to format easily.

USB Formatting with CMD
USB Formatting - With CMD Commands
  • Start > Run > CMD or by typing and running Start > Search Bar You can find it by typing cmd.
  • "DISKPART" write "Enter" Do it.
  • To see the drivers installed on our computer "LIST DISK" Let's write it down.
  • You will be presented with drives. Remember the sequence number of the drive you want to format.
  • "SELECT DISK 2" command “2” replace it with the sequence number of the driver you have in mind and "Enter" Do it.
  • Then "Clean" Enter the command. With this code you will have cleared the Flash Memory.
  • "CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY" Enter the command. We have now created the partition for the drive.
  • SELECT PARTITION 1" and select the partition we created.
  • Then "ACTIVE" command to activate the partition.
  • And "FORMAT FS=NTFS" command to start the formatting process of our flash memory.
  • After the process is complete "ASSIGN" and complete the assignment process.
  • Last time "EXIT" and exit the CMD screen.

NOT: You need to enter the above codes without quotes in the CMD screen, otherwise the codes will not work.

USB Flash MemoryFormatting Program

If the above processes have prevented you from successfully completing the USB formatting process, there is only one thing to do in this case, use an external USB Formatting Programs. I will talk about quality and free programs below. Let's start a long journey together.

1-Flash Memory Format Program - USB Disk Storage Format Tool

When you open the program, it looks like the default Windows formatting program. But we don't need what it looks like, we need what it does, so you will find it easy to use and you won't feel out of place.

The program is an installed program. So when you download and run it, you need to install it on your computer to use it. The installation process is very simple. You can complete the installation quickly by saying next, next. In addition, when you open the program, it automatically finds the USB sticks inserted in your computer instantly. After that, it is up to us. Let's learn how to use the program together.

Formatting Program
Format Program - USB Disk Storage Format Tool
  • When you open the program, it already automatically sees your Flash Drive.
  • "File System" you choose what you want to set the file system to. Usually 4GB and above NTFS format is selected. If 4GB under FAT32 as the most suitable option.
  • "Volume Label" where you give your Flash Drive a name.
  • Then all you have to do "Format Disk" click on the button.
  • After waiting for a while, the formatting process will be complete.
Click to Download Program

2-Flash Memory Format Program - HDD Low Level Format Tool

Normally it is a paid formatting program, but I have provided you with the license keys for this program for free. Here HDD by clicking Low Level Format Tool You can access license keys. It is a program that can really solve your problems. It is a program that I have used many times but I cannot give up. This program is very easy to use and is an installed software. It cannot be used without installation, but since it is a low-sized program, it will not take up any space.

Flash Memory Formatting Program
Format Program - HDD Low Level Format Tool
  • When you open the program, it will ask you for a license key. Here Copy and paste the license keys by clicking here.
  • Low Level Format Tool enter the license key and the program will open fully.
  • Select the Flash Drive you want to format and click on the "Continue" Click on the button.
  • You will be presented with 3 menus. "Low-Level Format" menu.
  • "Format This Device" button and wait until the process is finished.

When the process is finished, your Flash Memory will now be formatted. I highly recommend this program, even if you don't use it, keep it in the corner. It will definitely come in handy one day tomorrow. Because the program performs formatting by scanning the sectors.

Click to Download Program

3-Flash Memory Format Program - HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

The word HP in the name should definitely not mislead you. This is because the program was developed by HP. This program is a formatting program without installation. You can use it without installing it. But before you open this formatting program, right click "Run as a Manager" to open the program. Otherwise the program will not open.

More like Windows Could Not Finish Formatting error is an ingenious formatting program. It is a great remedy against problems like this. I recommend using it for this USB formatting programs among them.

Format Program Rufus HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
Format Program - HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
  • The program automatically recognizes your inserted Flash Drive.
  • Then "File System" you choose what the file system should be (if less than 4GB, choose FAT size).
  • "Volume Label" you enter the name you want to give to your Flash Drive.
  • "Quick Format" option is active, it will format quickly. If if you are not going to recover data from it remove the check mark. Formatting will take a long time, but it will irreversibly delete whatever it contains.
  • Last time "Start" button and the formatting process starts.
Click to Download Program

4-Flash Memory Formatting Program - Rufus

Now 2-3 people who know this program will come out and say "Oh, this program is an iso burning program!". Yes, good brother, you are right, but this does not mean that he will not format the USB stick. Even the programs above can't recover My Flash Drive he saved me. How? The answer is very simple.

Anyway, the working logic of the program matches with formatting. The Rufus program deletes the first partitions of the inserted USB stick and creates partitions as you specify. Then it applies formatting to the memory. We will format our USB memory by taking advantage of this feature. Let's not go without saying that the program is completely free and free of installation.

Formatting Program Rufus
Formatting Program - Rufus
  • Open the program, you will be prompted with the administrator question "YES" Answer.
  • When the program is opened, it will automatically detect and select the Flash Memory inserted in your computer.
  • "Boot Selection" and click on "Not Bootable" Select the phrase.
  • Then "Start" and wait for the process to finish. It's that simple.
Click to Download Program

USB Memory Formatting Could Not Be Finished!

If formatting with the above programs does not result in successful results, it is time to say goodbye to your USB Flash Drive. Because now it is no longer software but hardware. If you have not seen any benefit from the above programs, your drive has a hardware problem. The number of people who can repair hardware failures is very, very small.

Instead of finding those people, you can resort to a nearby trash can. I know it's hard but I recently said goodbye to my SD Card :D

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