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iTop Screen Recorder 3 Pro License Key 2023

iTop Screen Recorder Key

iTop Screen Recorder Key, programı aktifleştirmenizi sağlayan eşantiyon lisanstır. Bu lisans keyler sayesinde iTop Screen Recorder programını Full olarak kullanabilirsiniz.

iTop Screen Recorder Nedir?

iTop Screen Recorder, It is a kind of screen recorder program that allows you to record HD screen videos. It stands out among screen video recording programs because it has a built-in video editor. You can edit your recorded videos at any time and save them in the format you want.

The ability to adjust the video recording quality allows you to save space or compromise on quality. It offers video recording quality up to 4K. You can also adjust the fps setting, which is the most important element in videos. When you record, you can easily adjust the fps setting by simply selecting which fps values the video should be recorded at.

While recording screen video, you can also record audio. You can activate or deactivate the system sounds. Recording audio is not only for the microphone but also for the speaker. While doing this, you can assign hotkeys to yourself for faster operation.

During registration, a small and easy-to-use window allows you to complete your transactions instantly. iTop Screen Recorder has a video editor integrated into the program, so you can edit and save your recorded videos.

In addition to these, it provides the ability to add watermarks. It has the ability to add watermarks against the risk of your videos being copied. You can record a part of your screen of your choice. So it gives you flexible recording here. It is really nice to have the opportunity to record as full screen and flexible screen.

Moreover, the program consumes as little as %8 of your processor when open. This means that while recording video, you can also do a lot of work without making your computer crash. Last but not least, there are also features like adding Facecam.

iTop Screen Recorder Key
iTop Screen Recorder Key

iTop Screen Recorder Features

  • Ekran Videosu kaydetme
  • Kaydedilen Ekran videosunu farklı formatlarda dışarıya aktarabilme
  • Kayıt sırasında mikronu kullanabilme
  • Kayıt sırasında sistem seslerini videoya dahil edebilme
  • Ekran Kaydına WebCAM ekleyebilme
  • Ekranın istediğiniz kısmını kayıt altına alabilme
  • Ekranın tek tıkla tamamını kayda alabilme
  • Ekran Videolarına Filigran ekleyebilme
  • Videolara Sabit Alt yazı ekleyebilme
  • Sadece Oyuna özgü kayıt alabilme
  • Ekran Görüntüsü alabilme(ScreenShot)
  • Ekran Kayıt ve Durdurma tuşuna kısayol atayabilme
  • Mouse farklı efektler atayabilme
  • Ses formatı ayarlayabilme

iTop Screen Recorder Key

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