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First of all, I must say that if you have attempted to connect the internet, you may be in for a rough road ahead. Before you get an internet connection, start by thinking that all kinds of difficult actions may happen to you. Otherwise, you may spend every day being crazy.

In order to explain in detail, I will make a narrative based on the last incident I experienced. However, at the beginning of the subject, I would like to express that these events will not happen everywhere and always.

Factors such as the city you live in, the speed you want to get, the service you want to get and your infrastructure can affect the results below. But I will also touch on the problems that the majority of people face and that are troublesome.

Which Internet has the Best Service?

Tukcell Internet

If you want to get a good service, if you want them to help me when I call, if you want them to solve my problem immediately Turkcell Brother. I wouldn't let Turkcell smell the roses in terms of service. They do their job properly.

Until 4 years ago, I was living in Rize. Since my infrastructure was not very good at that time, all operators were saying that they could provide 8mbps speed. Since I used Turkcell as a phone line, I automatically wanted to connect Turkcell internet.

I was happy with the phone line I used and it never let me down in terms of packages and services. The free internet rate was also very high compared to other operators.

I wanted to connect Turkcell Internet because of this situation. I made an application by calling customer service. Surprisingly, they came and installed on the 3rd day, I never thought they would install so early.

Turkcell Superonline
Turkcell Superonline

I was using 8mbps internet but I don't know how to explain it. 8mbps was enough for me at that time. In 1 year, I can say that I almost never lost my connection.

As far as I remember, I lost connection twice. When it was gone, it was not gone for a long time, it would return within 20 minutes or so. When the internet went out, I called customer service and told them that there was a problem at the moment and that it would be solved in a short time.

It was already happening, the internet would come back in a short time. As I said, I remember that it was already gone 2 times in 1 year. This is a very, very good rate for internet users.

Turk Telekom Internet

When I moved to Bursa, I canceled Turkcell Internet. The contract was over and there was no Turkcell infrastructure in the building where I lived. That's why I had to cancel it. I wish it had infrastructure.

I didn't have internet and I wanted to get it connected as soon as possible. Internet Turktelekom I went to the infrastructure inquiry sites and inquired about my infrastructure. It showed that I had no infrastructure.

Turktelekom Internet
Turktelekom Internet

My next door neighbor told me that he was using Türk Telekom and had just had it connected. I called the customer service and told them about the situation and they told me that unfortunately there was nothing to do, there was no infrastructure.

I told him that my next door neighbor was using it and he told me that there was nothing to do. I went to the Türk Telekom dealer and asked for an inquiry there. The person there took my address information and noted it down.

He said come back in 1 hour and let's see. I said okay, I went 1 hour later. He said that the friend who questioned the infrastructure did not come. And I said. "If he wasn't coming in an hour, why did you tell him to come an hour later?" He got angry and started yelling and stuff.

"If we say come tomorrow, come tomorrow!" and sent me away, using such an arrogant expression. The next day I went back and they told me that there was no infrastructure. I expressed the situation, there was a good brother there and he said, "This is a port issue, brother, there is no port available in your building.

If I wanted to open a port, it could take up to 1 month. I thought that in 1 month I would explode at home. Fortunately, luckily, the neighbor across the street was moving and would give me the internet if I wanted it.

I asked for the internet before they left because I was in a difficult situation. They moved leaving me the modem and everything. The internet was not in my name but I was using it. Anyway, the contract for the internet was going to end.

The owner of the internet line called me "should I keep it going or shut it down?" he asked me. I asked him to close it, saying that if I close it at that moment, the port would be free and I could have it connected under my name.

Then I called Türk Telekom and told them that I wanted to connect to the internet. They told me that it supports up to 50mbps. Just as I expected, the port was free. He told me the packages very sweetly. I chose the package that suited me.

June 10, 2020 I applied for a connection on the 15th. They said they would come on the 15th and connect it. I also received June 15, 2020 I received a message that an appointment had been made.

5 days was too long for me, but I waited. On the 15th, no one came or went. Then I received "Your appointment has been postponed to 16.06.2020." I got a text message. I said okay, no problem.

June 16, 2020 but again, no one came or went. Again on my phone "your appointment has been postponed to 17.06.2020" I got a text message. I started to get angry. I thought I'd be patient.

You won't believe it 22.06.2020 I kept getting postponed messages until the date of the postponement. During this time, I called customer service 2 times and they kept telling me "there's nothing we can do, it's the technical team's problem" It was called.

19.06.2020 and I called back on that date and asked for clarification. 22.06.2020 I was told that they would definitely come on the date and I said that we had waited so long, we would grit our teeth for 2-3 more days.

22.06.2020 The date came and went, but again no one came or went. Things got out of hand and I called customer service to cancel the internet. Customer service said, "I have directed our team to you, they will come to your house in 1-2 hours, do not leave your house. I said I would wait another 1-2 hours and waited.

Again, no one came or went within the promised time frame. This time I called customer service again to cancel for sure. I canceled all my transactions.

Unfortunately, Türk Telekom is the worst company I have ever seen in terms of service. When it comes to connecting, they do nothing but deceive people by saying that we provide all kinds of opportunities, no such and no such.

Despite the urgency of the situation, the internet has not been connected to my home for about 2 weeks. Moreover, I am sure that if I wait, they will keep me waiting for at least 2 more weeks.

If you are going to connect the internet, definitely and definitely do not connect Türk Telekom Internet. A company that will make you experience the phrase that we are disgraced with our money. They deceive you with lies.

This may not be the case everywhere, but this is what happened to me and I wouldn't mess with Türk Telekom even if I died. There cannot be such an irresponsible, such an indifferent company.

Turknet Internet

Probably the one that keeps you waiting the longest in Turkey Turknet internet. When I moved to Bursa, the first door I knocked on was Turknet. Because the speed it promised was many times more than the others.

I called customer service and inquired about the infrastructure. I was told that they could provide speeds up to 75mbps. I was blown away by this speed. I immediately asked what I needed to get it connected.

I was told that I had to fill in the documents in the mail and send them. I filled in the documents and sent them. 3-4 days later, I received a phone call that the documents were filled in incorrectly.

Turknet Internet
Turknet Internet

I had filled it out by checking it over and over again, but how could it be? When I asked customer service where I filled it out incorrectly "You filled the street wrong." he said. I had checked this many times and it was impossible to fill it incorrectly.

I asked him where I wrote the street and he told me the street I wrote. I reacted that I had written it correctly. It turned out that customer service had entered it incorrectly when applying.

I canceled the application, filled out the documents again and sent them. These are easy to say, of course, I was sweating blood from nerves the whole time. Anyway, everything went well, the documents were approved.

All that remained was to wait for the internet to be connected. Wait, wait, wait, no one came or went. I waited for almost 2.5 weeks for the internet to be connected. Finally, without getting angry, I naively called customer service and canceled my transaction.

I can say that it ranks last in terms of service. My friend uses Turknet. When there is a problem, he cannot connect to customer service or get technical support. He complains that he always experiences decreases in internet speed and when he does an internet speed test, he cannot see the speed they promise.

By the way, when you try to call from the phone you have connected to the internet, it sends you directly to the automatic operator and you definitely cannot reach customer service. You can only reach them if you call from another phone.

Kablonet Internet

Honestly, I've never had any experience. Kablonet internet related. But I can say that the comments I received from the users are always positive. In a WhatsApp group with about 150 members, Kablonet was praised.

Kablonet Internet
Kablonet Internet

There were many people who told me to get Kablonet if you want to connect. Moreover, they said that the customer service and technical team were very good. My sister personally uses Kablonet and said that if there is any problem, the technical team comes immediately.

He wanted me to connect Kablonet at first, but unfortunately there was no infrastructure in my neighborhood. So, to get to the heart of the matter, I received very positive comments from the outside. Maybe I haven't received such good comments for other operators until now.

Vodafone Net

Vodafone I worked as a staff member for 7-8 months. I don't remember any complaints. Only in the early days of Corona, there were people who didn't have internet connection even for 3 weeks. The systems were very busy, there was a very intense demand for online training.

Vodafone Net
Vodafone Net

Moreover, after you apply, they give you a link where you can follow the steps. You can follow the transactions instantly. In every transaction, they send you information via message. I can say that Vodafone Net works systematically in this regard.

1 day ago, I made the connection myself directly from the Vodafone dealer. Let's see how many days it will be connected. I am waiting for him now. If it is connected, I will update this article directly when it is connected and give you my clearest decision.

Yes, I decided to update this article after a long time. I was not able to update the article for some reason. Anyway, let's get straight to the point. When I applied for Vodafone internet, I thought it would be connected early. It was connected early compared to other internet, but when we evaluate it normally, it was not early, frankly.

At the end of 1 week, the team providing infrastructure control came and looked at my infrastructure and gave their approval. The day after that day, they used a sentence that your internet would be connected and left.

It's been 4 days and they finally came to connect the internet. The person who installed the modem was really nice. I had a chance to chat with him for a while. When I asked him why the internet was connected so late, he said, "Due to the pandemic, it was decided to work with a small number of teams, so that's why it was so late."

To tell the truth, I agreed, but this might not have been a reason. Because Vodafone dealers had not reduced any staff due to the pandemic. Why would they reduce their field staff?

Anyway, as a result, I have been using my internet for 2 months without any errors. They even provide me with a higher speed than the speed they promised. I asked for 24 Mbps, but they set my internet speed to 30 Mbps. Don't worry, they provide this speed for the same price.

I have not had any problems with speed and glitches so far. I am very satisfied with my internet so far, I hope I will continue to be satisfied in the future.

The only thing I am not satisfied with is customer service. Vodafone has mediocre customer service. Both the people on the phone are uninformed and it is very difficult to connect.

Apart from that, if you are willing to pay attention to my experience so far, I would say buy it without thinking, but if a little time passes, we are more likely to grasp the right and the wrong.

Which is the fastest home internet?

In terms of speed, Turkcell internet is definitely the most stable one I have used. There is a constant instability in Türk Telekom and Türk Net. I test Türk Telekom internet myself, and when I used Türk Net internet at my friend's house, I easily saw how it performed.

Likewise, my friend complained about this issue. As for Vodafone internet, I have personally used and tested it. Unfortunately, Vodafone experiences a lot of fluctuations in speed.

I don't have any information about Kablonet, I didn't have the opportunity to use it. If you don't want fluctuations between them, if you want constant fast access, if you don't want to come and go, my recommendation is Turkcell internet. You pay a little more money, but it is an operator that really deserves the money you pay.

Which is the Cheapest Home Internet?

The cheapest internet I have observed is Kablonet. Because Kablonet is more "quota" the issue of the quotas. They have quota tariffs at the moment.

Our ranking in unlimited tariffs Turkcell>Kablonet>Türktelekom>Vodafone>Türknet will be in the form. It would not be right for me to specify any price range in this regard. Because prices and opportunities are constantly changing.

The price ranking for now is as above. And I personally don't think it will change much. According to the current conditions and opportunities, the cheapest internet seems to be Türk net.

The above ranking is based on the speed they provide and the information they promise. It would be reasonable to review the article accordingly.

On behalf of internet packages cheapest internet The Turk appears to be on the net, but what you need to pay attention to is that if Turkish net you buy the modem separately if you are going to use it.

Which Home Internet Should I Buy?

It is true that we went down a very messy path, but we could not have done it any other way. Different companies may have been better in some areas. All the evaluations I'm going to make here price, performance, service, speed in terms of

If you want to get internet at today's standards, Turkcell is the best and healthiest internet you can get. They provide very good service and fulfill their promises to the letter. It may be a little expensive in terms of price, but give a little more and use Turkcell.

I have been hit by almost all operators and Turkcell is the only one I have not been hit by. When you want to connect internet one day tomorrow, you will not be left behind.

Ömer Bozdi

Don't be selfish with knowledge so that it multiplies.

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