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Jitbit Macro Recorder v5.9.0 Serial Key

Jitbit Macro Recorderis the best keyboard and mouse recording program you can use on your computer. If there is an action that you constantly repeat on the computer, you can introduce it to the program and make it repeat as many times as you want. I can say it is a tremendous program. You just introduce the action you are going to do to the program and then it repeats the action without any help from you in the number you set.

What is Jitbit Macro Recorder?

For example, you want to like all the pictures on your home page in your Instagram account. It is impossible for you to do this in a short time. Maybe you can

but it's gonna take hours and you're gonna be exhausted. Jitbit Macro Recorder Thanks to the program, you get rid of this trouble. You like 1-2 pictures that appear on your Instagram account. The program instantly identifies this. Then you just write how many times it will be repeated. Then you can either sit back or do other things.

The Jitbit Macro Recorder program never runs in the background. You can't use the computer at the same time if you're making it do something. This may be limiting us a little bit, but this program is an incredibly nice program. You can record keyboard and mouse at the same time. The keyboard and mouse recording feature was the feature that attracted me the most. Because in other programs, either only the keyboard or only the mouse can be recorded. Jitbit Macro Recorder The program has one more ingenious feature, which is to delete my name.

If you have taken an extra step with the mouse, you can delete the steps you have taken one by one. The guys have really made a keyboard and mouse recording program. It is a program that should be on every computer. You will see that your work will be easier than ever.

Jitbit Macro Recorder
Jitbit Macro Recorder

Jitbit Macro Recorder Pro Features

  • Recording keyboard movements
  • Recording mouse movements
  • Timed action execution
  • Delete steps taken
  • Adding extra steps
  • Unlimited action replay
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